The Four Things That Only Hope Can Do, Part 4: Hope Is the Fuel that Makes the World a Better Place

Like almost nothing else, hope has a way of unleashing compassion. Hope helps people believe that they can make a difference, regardless of their circumstances.

This is something I see every time we visit Africa. Every November, I take teams of leaders to Nairobi, Kenya. I love the people. I love the culture. I love the grandeur and beauty, and I love seeing what people of hope can accomplish. Every year, we visit the same vibrant church in the slum of Dandora. The streets are dangerous, but the people are warmhearted. Continue reading

The Four Things That Only Hope Can Do, Part 3: Hope Sets You Free to Dream

Nobody ever gets a dream without hope. I know of many leaders around the world, some blessed with great resources and others who have almost nothing, who have made major impacts on their communities. They all have the one thing that nobody can do without—hope. Their hopes have sparked dreams, and those dreams have brought into existence some incredible initiatives. Every one of those initiatives started with hope.

Hope gives birth to dreams, which creates momentum. I often tell leaders, “Momentum attracts support. It leads to personal renewal, relational renewal, and organizational renewal. Momentum and vision keep your ministry future-focused. But without hope, you won’t have momentum. And without momentum, you’re in trouble.” Continue reading

The Four Things That Only Hope Can Do, Part 2: Hope Helps You Bounce Back

What is the difference between people who thrive and people who decline over a long period of time? It’s not that they don’t get knocked down; it’s that they bounce back up. Every successful person I can think of has had to come back from discouraging circumstances. That’s true of both people I know personally and those I read about in the Bible. As a matter of fact, every single person in the Bible is a comeback story from something.

Check out this list and see if you can find yourself: Continue reading

The Four Things That Only Hope Can Do, Part 1: Hope Releases You from Your Past

Of all the remarkable things I’ve seen hope do in my life and in the lives of others, these four things stand out:

  1. Hope liberates. Hope releases you from your past.
  2. Hope motivates. Hope helps you bounce back.
  3. Hope initiates. Hope sets you free to dream again.
  4. Hope activates. Hope is the fuel that makes the world a better place.

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