The Four Things That Only Hope Can Do, Part 3: Hope Sets You Free to Dream

Nobody ever gets a dream without hope. I know of many leaders around the world, some blessed with great resources and others who have almost nothing, who have made major impacts on their communities. They all have the one thing that nobody can do without—hope. Their hopes have sparked dreams, and those dreams have brought into existence some incredible initiatives. Every one of those initiatives started with hope.

Hope gives birth to dreams, which creates momentum. I often tell leaders, “Momentum attracts support. It leads to personal renewal, relational renewal, and organizational renewal. Momentum and vision keep your ministry future-focused. But without hope, you won’t have momentum. And without momentum, you’re in trouble.”

Hope sparks dreams, and dreams bring into existence some incredible initiatives. Every one of those initiatives started with hope. Corrie ten Boom hoped for freedom for Jews in the Netherlands. Martin Luther King had enough hope to have a dream of better days ahead for every person who had faced discrimination. Malala Yousafzai in Pakistan took a bullet to the head because she believes in better days ahead when girls can attend school. Dr. Carolyn Koons, a professor at Azusa Pacific University, launched the largest student mission in the world because she believed that God had better days ahead for every underresourced person in northern Mexico.

Last year, the high school kids in our church had a dream to build a child survival program in Dandora, Kenya. These kids raised fifty thousand dollars and sent it to Kenya. The year before, some students heard about a homeless couple with three children living outside of Mexicali, Mexico. Their youngest child had died of exposure. Our students gave up their spring break, went down to Mexicali, and built this family a home. Other members of our church built more homes. But that one family is now in a safe place and their kids are out of the cold because a group of high school students had a dream that the world could be a better place for them. Those kinds of dreams don’t happen without hope.

In my next blog, I’m going to write about how hope is the fuel that makes the world a better place.


Hope builds momentum—and momentum attracts support.