The Eleven Major Differences That Hope and Confidence Create

When you have hope, eleven things are unleashed in your life

  • You’re more successful
  • You feel more satisfied
  • You’re less affected by stress
  • You have more satisfying relationships
  • You’re physically healthier
  • You’re more productive
  • You’re more compassionate
  • You’re more willing to help people in need
  • You hold yourself to higher standards
  • You’re more likely to assume leadership
  • You’re more likely to see God as loving, caring and forgiving!

That’s a pretty impressive list! I hope you believe that rising hope can change everything for you too. Regardless of your background, regardless of your job, regardless of your personal makeup or life history, the priority of staying encouraged by learning how to increase your Hope Quotient can change everything.

But let me give one caution here. Hope is so much more than pious platitudes and anemic answers. Hope can seem like cotton candy, which tastes good at first, but there’s nothing to it. Real hope is a deep and powerful force when it is anchored in the seven factors that sustain hope. We’ll be exploring these in this blog in the coming months.

The last thing anybody needs is a shot of hope, a temporary high followed by a crash. On January 1, people get a temporary shot of hope and set New Year’s resolutions, and by January 6 they’re done with it. People get a temporary shot of hope, decide they’re going to lose weight, and three pounds later, they give up. Countless people have said, “This is the year I’m going to read the Bible,” and then make it all the way to Genesis 6. The common denominator in these situations is a temporary, emotional, shallow burst of hope not anchored in the seven factors that support, sustain, and strengthen hope.

My book, and the online test you can take with it, will help you build the seven factors of your life that will help you not just get encouraged but stay encouraged. This is the battle you want to win and the one battle you cannot afford to lose.

In my next blog, I’m going to talk about my time with the greatest single human being I have ever met.


Real hope is a deep and powerful force when it is anchored in the seven factors that sustain hope.